Join the Connekt Network

Are you a wedding professional or venue?

If you are – we want to talk to you.  Becoming a Connekt Network Partner is an opportunity to expand your business with no upfront costs to you.  Here at Connekt we have taken a different approach to the “business” of weddings.  Having been in the wedding business for years we know that getting your name out there is one of the most difficult and expensive challenges you face as a business owner.  We also know that not every business owner can afford the time, cost and energy required to promote yourself effectively.    This is why we exist and when you join the Connekt Network you automatically gain some pretty huge benefits:

There is no upfront cost

We make money when you make money – it’s that simple.  Our booking fee is a set percentage that we retain upon paying your invoice.  You don’t have to pay a thing for us to promote.  Just do a great job and we will keep you on the top of our list.

We manage all the finances

You submit your bill to us and we forward it to the couple.  They pay us and we pay you (minus our fee)  It’s all tracked and nobody falls through the cracks.

You can use our brand

As a Connekt Network Partner you get to use our badge of recommendation on your website and your print materials.  This badge signifies that we have researched your company, found you to be an excellent wedding professional and we will promote you as a viable option to our couples.

We want you to succeed

Your success is a reflection on us as a company.  The better you do your job the better we look.  We are not a marketing company looking to make a quick buck – we are a partner looking to suceed together.

You get to focus on what you do best

We like to promote things, people and businesses.  We are very good at making you look great.  When you work with us we do the “selling” and you can focus on what you do best.  Together we can both grow.

No Upfront Cost

There are no upfront costs when you become a Connekt Network Partner.

You Can Focus

We do the marketing so you can focus on what you do best – being fabulous!

Professional Details

We manage the details and take care of the small stuff.  It’s good to be organized.

Connekt Partnership

As a Connekt Network Partner we believe in you and you believe in us.  It’s a partnership.

Connekt Network Enquiry

Once we have received your application and have approved it, we will email you a vendor agreement and a vendor specific questionnaire.  Please return these to us along with a price list and any other applicable documentation that may help us present you better.

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