How It Works

Step One

Book a complimentary 60-minute consultation with us to tell us your dreams.  Bring your Pinterest page with you and plan to get excited as we find solutions instead of roadblocks.   We will help you develop a budget and find the right people and places to fit within that budget.

Step Two

Consider the other services we offer and see if they would be a valuable addition to our basic concierge service.  These extra services are listed below and are there to make your life even easier.

Step Three

Give us a retainer to pay the deposits and let us get to work.  We will make the phonecalls, swing the deals and make your dreams happen.  Your input is always valued and we are always here to listen.

Our Pricing

Day of Dreamer

Help for the busiest day
  • Our Day of Dreamer package includes all of the items in our free service plus:
  • A dedicated day of planner to help you take care of all the little details on the day of the wedding.
  • Your planner will establish a timeline and communicate with your professionals to ensure a worry free day.
  • The planner will assist in the transition between the ceremony and the reception making sure everyone is clear on where they are going and when they need to be there.
Let's Dream Together

Capture the Dream

The complete planner experience
  • Our Capture the Dream package is the full wedding planner package that includes the following:
  • A dedicated wedding planner who will listen to your dreams, add a few ideas of their own and make it all happen – on budget.
  • Your planner will handle all of the details from the smallest little thing right up to the most important aspects of your day.
  • Your planner will be with from the very beginning to the moment they turn the lights out.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you do this for free?

We have built a huge network of talented and professional vendors and venues who pay us to bring you to them.  They pay us a small  fee for every booking we bring to them.  The are happy because they only pay for our marketing services if we use them.

Why do you take a retainer?

We ask for a retainer at the first consultation to cover the cost of the deposits we need to make on your behalf.  100% of that retainer will go to the cost of your wedding and we retain none of it for our services.  The retainer will be based on the size of your budget and will be dispersed where needed.  If the entire retainer is not used we will return the rest to you at the completion of your wedding day.

Can we pay with a credit card?

We can take credit card payments but we have to charge a 3% fee when we do.  Imagine we are booking a $10,000 venue for you that includes the venue and food.  We are charged 3% on the total $10,000 which means that we pay over $300 in credit card charges.  That is a very large chunk out of our booking fee and just does not make sense financially.  We have however developed a relationship with Borrowell Canada to supply low-interest wedding loans to our clients to help them avoid getting trapped with huge credit card bills.  If you interested in taking advantage of this service please visit

Can I use other vendors and venues outside of the Connekt Recommended Network?

Yes, of course you can.  Many of our clients have friends and family members who are willing to help out in a variety of ways.  We are happy to work with them and hopefully we can entice them to become a Connekt Network Partner in the future.  We will not expect a booking fee from them but If you have a particular professional you would like to work with we can contact them on our behalf and attempt to secure their services for you based upon our regular booking fees.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.
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